3 Million Android Smartphones Found to Have a Powerful Backdoor Preinstalled

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Google with his operating system, Android, is very loved by today's consumer. With its open, aka open source, making anyone can modify the operating system, both in terms of appearance, performance can even cracked.

But behind it is open, turned out to save a loophole exploited by some parties, especially the smartphone manufacturers. As reported by the Wccftech, reportedly there are 3 million devices Android smartphones already planted malware, although under new circumstances turned on or from the box.

The findings are based on research research institute BitSight Technologies, which states that most smartphones made in China was already embedded malware. They said their findings include 26% made smartphone BLU who occupy the top position, then there is Infinix as much as 11%, 8% and then Dogee Leagoo Xolo and 4% respectively. While the remaining 47% of smartphone devices is still unknown which comes from the manufacturer.

They describe malware that is embedded in the 3 million Android smartphone devices that can control the device remotely. Not only remotely control, critical data and information was also stolen. But from the brand aforementioned above, only BLU who has launched an update to close the gap malware. But untested whether the update is completely shut down access to malware that has been planted earlier.

As an additional solution to keep it safe, it is advisable not to use the internet insecure network, such as using public WiFi. To deal with them can use the network Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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