Official versions of Pokemon GO Released Soon in Indonesia?

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Pokemon GO
Of the number of players to the same approximate active users of the popular social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, Pokemon GO deserved ordained as the most phenomenal mobile game ever made.

Pokemon new GO itself actually be officially released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. But with the APK Pokemon GO, puz can be enjoyed by connoisseurs of the game around the world, including in Indonesia. APK install Pokemen GO, is not without risk, APK makes consumer smartphones are vulnerable to malware threats.

Seeing the great danger, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, which is the developer Niantic Pokemon GO, it appears it will soon release the official version puz to Europe and Asia. This info is itself derived from the parties who claimed to know about the plan to release Pokemon Go.

Still associated with the launch of the official version of Pokemon Go in other countries, there is good news for the lovers of this puz in Indonesia. Based on the info page ING rumored, reported that Indonesia and Thailand are two countries in Southeast Asia that has been able to play Pokemon Go smoothly enough. On the other hand, gamers Singapore and Malaysia have not been able to enjoy this game even though installing via APK.

See the above facts, most likely during Niantic released Pokemon Go to Europe and Asia, Indonesia became one of the first Asian country could enjoy Pokemon Go.

For info, before the release of Pokemon Go internationally was postponed. The reason, Niantic experiencing server problems due to so many gamers who play Pokemon Go, including any bugs or system errors were many complaints by gamers.

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