Google Apply the Latest Features on His search engines 'view lyrics'

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Popular search engine is Google. Now the Google finally has a new feature that has been applied in its search engine by adding the lyrics. Such a feature is a feature that many people menginginkankan. But because there are issues about licensing and royalties to creators and publishers, then the new Google have recently.

With this approval because Google is already cooperation with licensees LyricFind to millions of songs displayed and place on top of the Google search field. So users do not need to visit another site to find the lyrics you will find.

Quoted from Android Authority, users can also save a search of the lyrics that you have found to connect to mobile data. In search of songs that already you want, then simply type in the song title and will be searched automatically and do not forget to include the word 'lyric' 'on the back of the title.

Then, Google will indentifikasikan and display most of the lyrics on the search page. Users are also advised to visit the Google Play Music to see the list of more detailed and complete. Possible database contained in the LyricFind not all the songs he already owns.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the United States, but LyricFind also operate its business internationally. The possibility of these features can also be applied in many other countries.

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