BlackBerry has not informed Verizon or AT&T that BlackBerry 10 devices have been discontinued

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The age of the BlackBerry device that uses its own operating system, the OS BB10 is old. And with the passage of time, the achievement of BlackBerry 10 is not getting better, even decreased.

Of course this led to speculation that the company will fully switch to the Android platform. Some time ago had reported that BlackBerry has sent a letter to Verizon and AT & T confirmed that it has stopped production BB10 OS devices but now the company has come out with a denial, they say do not ever make the letter sent to the operator.

The report also said that the memo was distributed in the United States Senate for Administrative Manager, Chief Officer, and System Administrators who said that BlackBerry has informed Verizon and AT & T that the production of all devices OS BB10 - Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport and Classic have been discontinued , which BlackBerry handsets will now be removed from the Senate.

As reported Crackberry, the company has said that it did not stop production of all handsets. It is said that operators in the United States were told that only the production cycle BlackBerry legacy that has been discontinued, it also added that BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 is being developed to be released for devices that exist today and it is scheduled to be available next month.

BlackBerry also said that the strategy will be based on the model of cross-platform devices that BlackBerry 10 OS and also sells handsets Android devices at the same time.

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