Xiaomi and Microsoft Agree to Launch Microsoft Application In Pre Install

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More recently, two large companies Xiaomi and Microsoft have formed a partnership that includes cross-licensing agreement over patents and embed the Microsoft products pre-installed on the device Xiaomi. With this agreement, we will find software such as Microsoft Office already installed on Xiaomi smartphone.

According to the company, this agreement will be effective implementation started in September 2016, in which devices such as Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, and some devices in the ranks redmi will get the application Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Skype in the sales package. Collaboration between the two companies have built upon previous collaboration that has been pinned on Windows 10 for Android devices, and the use of Microsoft Azure for service Xiaomi Mi Cloud.

This potential is seen by Microsoft on the success of Xiaomi who managed to sell 70 million devices last year, because it gives the distribution is quite significant for Microsoft. Interestingly, that in the pre-installation agreement, Xiaomi has added more patents.

"Microsoft has the patent to Xiaomi nearly 1,500 patents that cover a variety of technologies, including wireless communications, video, cloud storage, and multimedia," said a spokesman for Xiaomi.

This time Xiaomi has six main destination country marketing spread in Asia and Brazil. However, the Beijing-based company will expand their business in order to reach the sales target value of USD 45 billion.

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