Twitter Provide free WiFi for Users

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Courtesy: Venturebeat
Various attempts were made by Twitter to attract Internet users to continue to use his services. The latest policy conducted by Twitter is providing free WiFi Internet access which they place at St Pancras international train station in London, England.

Twitter users can freely surf in cyberspace while in the scope of this train station. The trick is very easy. At the time of entry into WiFi coverage, owners of smartphones to stay logged in on his Twitter account. As for those who do not already have an account, first have to register.

WiFi Internet access is provided by Twitter at St Pancras this one also has a speed much faster than the free WiFi was also available. Moreover, as quoted by VentureBeat, WiFi internet belongs Twitter can be used with a duration of up to 4 hours nonstop. After 4 hours, users stay to log in again.

It was different with WiFi internet facilities that have been provided by the St Pancras. Since 2014, the manager of the train station is already giving free WiFi Internet access. However, such access is limited to 10 minutes and users are also required to register in advance.

This policy also seems to be quite effective in increasing the level of use of social networking Twitter. Moreover St Pancras is one of the largest train stations in Europe with the number of passengers per year, reaching 48 million people. Previously, Twitter has also been doing a similar policy in Canada and Barcelona, ​​Spain. But the policy of giving free WiFi Twitter in both countries takes place only on a temporary basis.

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