Snapchat Just Takes Four Years to Defeat Twitter

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Snapchat now has 150 million users every day, and thus the company is only four years old it has beat Twitter aged a decade. As reported by Bloomberg.

Snapchat is rapidly growing and attractive to young people. Its application has been used by 110 people every day in December 2015.

Twiter himself founded in March 2006 has just less than 140 million users every day. Twitter, which was in second place at the bottom of Facebook even has been lost by some messaging apps such as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Based on the latest report, Twitter claims to have 310 million active users each month. But the company did not inform the number of daily users. But in the third quarter of 2015 Twitter said that 44 percent of the total monthly users accessing the service every day.

Both Twitter and Snapchat not give official comments related to the report.

Snapchat itself is known as social media provides many opportunities to be creative. In addition to sending messages, photos or short videos, users can add notes uploaded photos or videos.

As the founder and boss of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, at a conference in California, the United States this week admitted that Snapchat is much easier to use than Twitter.

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