Instagram Introduces Business Features

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Instagram for iOS
A few days ago had appeared a report that says if Instagram will carry new features for the business world. This time Instagram has officially released a feature called Business which includes business profiles, analytics, and the ability to redirect users to the advertiser in the application Instagram.

Of course, this feature is intended specifically for Instagram users who already have a business in Instagram. According to Instagram, the profile will allow these companies to decide how they reach consumers when the "contact" button on the ad is pressed. Businesses can select call, text or email. Directions and maps can also be offered to potential customers to find the company.

Business features is said to be able to take a post on Instagram that have much of an audience and turning it into an advertisement to seek further action from potential customers. Businesses can decide who will be included in their target audience, or let Instagram decided to choose them. Such items remain converted into an ad for a company wants to retain.

While the analysis tools, companies can see their own post late or advertising that connects better to the consumer. This tool can also allow the company is able to determine the demographic map of their consumers on Instagram

All of these new tools provide important guidance for businesses both small and large scale who want to capture more business from their Instagram accounts. This new feature will be available in the coming months in the US, Australia and New Zealand. As for the global version will be rolled out in late 2016.

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