Achieving this Kaskus Over 17 Years As the largest Community Forum

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Film about 17 years of achievement Kaskus "Sundul Gan"
As the site of a large community forum in Indonesia, Kaskus this year is entering the age of 17 years established on November 6, 1999, by three Indonesian who is currently studying in Seattle, USA, namely Andrew Dervish, Ronald Stephanus, and Budi Darmawan.

But over time, eventually Kaskus abandoned his two friends and began holding Ken Dean Lawadinata are still relatives Andrew Dervish. Through these two Kaskus be ranked number 7 in Indonesia and 285 in the world's most visited sites.

"To be as it is today is not easy, we must fight and divide tasks, which duties Andrew and where duty Ken," said Andrew Dervish co-founder of Kaskus on the sidelines of the screening of film Sundul Gan which will air simultaneously on June 2 2016.

Andrew said that indeed he acknowledges he is more visible in the future rather than Ken, but Ken contribution to the same portion as Andrew Case, because Ken was a founder of Kaskus and did more behind the scenes.

"So I can not be called the number one in Kaskus or Ken number two, we both portions, equally raising Kaskus and responsible for Kaskus," said Andrew again.

Ken was agreed for now to say Kaskus is the site of most community forums in the search. From the available data Ken mentioned, if Kaskus visited by at least 900 thousand people, with the number of page views exceeded 15 million a day. Until July 2012 Kaskus already has more than 601 million posts.

"Kaskus proved to be an online community service that reflects the trend in Indonesia. If he becomes a trend in Kaskus, meaning it has also become a trend on the outside, "said Ken

Ken also hope that the achievement of Kaskus currently does not make easily satisfied, because at any moment always comes a new start-up with a remarkable innovation, so that makes Case motivated to always create new ideas.

"So far Kaskus service is unique because it provides a variety of purposes, there is ecommerce, news, advertising as well," he said.

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