Apple Introduces Special Page for App Developers

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Ahead of Apple's developer conference event which is the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016, which will be held mid-June, the iPhone pembesut vendor launched a special page "Making Great Apps for the App Store" on Apple's website. What page is it?

Page of this site actually a clever way Apple in providing a full explanation of how application developers (developers) can work on applications that are compatible with various devices based on Apple iOS, OS X, WatchOS, and tvOS. On the web page that described how developers create applications that conform the Apple device.

Pages that there are sites that include Developer Insights. Here there is info on how each developer can learn the steps of application development as that of big developers. Other pages namely Planning, explains step of the planning and building business apps in the App Store like to sell applications, strategies entice users, the expected number of downloads and so forth.

The next page that Guideline, provides guidance for developers to package, designing the application interface, in order to tambil interesting and "eye catching". Then is a Submission page, which describes the process requirements that must be met by the developer until his application is ready to be sent to Apple, to be published in the App Store. Curious? Direct Visit:

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