YouTube Now Lets You Blur Anything You Want

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A new step has been made YouTube. But this time it has nothing to do with the subscription service. But the addition of an important feature on its services, which the current user can create a blur in video sharing service owned by Google is.

Actually, YouTube has enabled you to give the effect of blurring (blur) on his face in the video, since 2012. But somehow the effect was removed by YouTube. And now, again reviving Youtube blur effect feature, which allows you to blur images of objects and / or people. Or images of certain objects (such as blood, pieces of the body, the ill-fated accidents and so on) when performing throughout the video.

To use this mode quite easily. What to do is click on the tab effect "Blurring", select "Custom", and then "Edit." From there enough 'drag' and 'drop' box at the top of any image you want to create blur. From that point, the object will automatically get blur mode when playing the entire video.

If you do not want that area blur when a moving image, the user can select the "Lock" on the video. You can also blur some areas in the video by simply creating a new block with a drag and drop techniques. So relatively simple.

After creating a blur, we then simply click and drag to move the video in a different place, or resize it. Users can set the time when the image blur effect begins and ends earlier.
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