Twitter Launches GIF Button, Tweet Be More Attractive

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Your active users Twitter? There is a new social media ya from this. Twitter officially announced via its official blog that now they have added GIF button which is to allow Twitter users to add GIF on a nudge them.

This feature can be used to easily and quickly, you can find a variety of GIF relevant to your Tweets can then directly publish or Direct Message. This GIF button will allow users to browse or search a collection of GIF by using the keyword or keywords and can sort them by category.

GIF dinghy provided by partners of Twitter, namely GIPHY and Riffsy. You have to get the perfect GIF or relevant to nudge you into meaning is conveyed can be captured directly to the reader. With the addition of GIF Tweet also be interesting to look at. Since it was the animated images are cute and attractive.

Twitter said that more than 100 million GIF that already dicuitkan last year. GIF button will start rolling out today to users of Twitter in iOS platform, Android and on to PC devices.

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