HTC will release a Smartphone Windows 10

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HTC in the near future will release smartphones based on Windows 10. It is not surprising, since long before HTC has released a Windows Mobile-based smart phones such as the HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Imagio and HTC HD2, all of which has now been discontinued by HTC.

This time HTC is producing more Android-based devices. And this seemed to be stuck with Android HTC impressed, until this latest news, where the Taiwanese vendors will release a new smartphone based on Windows Mobile.

The news about HTC This stems from the upload jobs created by Microsoft, which indicates that the software giant was looking for the best candidate for the position of Director of Account Management in Taipei, Taiwan. Microsoft said that the vacancies will be filled by people who will report any sales growth and pace of business to the Director of Sales Devices in Shenzhen, China. And will be charged with leading all aspects of sales and business development HTC. There was also mentioned that HTC is one of the third-party partner Microsoft Smartphone devices.

The purpose of the work that opened lowongannya is to build a product portfolio, which is focused on users in providing a memorable experience for Windows 10 Mobile and all other Microsoft services combined with the software, applications, and services from HTC.

So far the co-founder / CEO of HTC, Cher Wang, have expressed excitement and optimism about the birth of new HTC devices are developing VR technology. However, HTC still have to have other interesting strategy in 2016, to make manufacturing more ready to compete in the global paar.

Reportedly, HTC is preparing a pair of 2016's Nexus handset. And if associated with job vacancies upload from Microsoft, possibly in the same year, HTC will release their latest handsets based OS Windows 10 Mobile.

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