Huawei will release SmartWatch Woman Edition at CES 2016

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As you know, Huawei started to go into business with the release smartwatch smart watches are powered by the operating system Android Wear, namely Huawei Watch. Like most smartwatch, Huawei Watch may be a tad too big for your wrist if you are a woman. To that end, Huawei Watch will release a female version at CES 2016.

As reported by the, Huawei Watch Woman Edition will display the functions that are similar to the standard version, with the only major change is the visual or design. Featuring bands and design more feminine and more fashion casing.

In addition to releasing Woman Edition Watch Huawei, Huawei is reportedly also working on a second generation of Huawei Watch, with plans to release the device in the second half of next year. And there are rumors saying that Huawei Watch 2 is likely to be supplied by the features of mobile capabilities.

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