SEGA will withdraw some games from the App Store and Google Play

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Major Japanese game developer SEGA today announced it will remove some of the games that assessed the elderly from various app stores. This decision will affect the distribution of games through major app stores, such as Apple's App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and the Samsung App Store.

SEGA has not revealed the title game to be withdrawn, but an official statement mentions that some game plan would be drawn may be reissued in an updated form.

In an official blog post, SEGA officials say that they have evaluated the list of titles of their game, and their analysis results prove that the number of titles under the company's standards.

If you happen to have bought SEGA games that included will be drawn, you can still download and play, but this game may be incompatible with the forthcoming update.

Interestingly, the announcement SEGA today almost simultaneously with the announcement made by rival compatriot Nintendo that they will be releasing five games smartphones in March 2017, with emphasis focused on quality not quantity.

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