Indosat Open Application Store i-Aplikazone

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Jakarta: Although users are very familiar with the app store (Google Playstore, Apple's App Store, Windows Phone Store, Blackberry World), did not dampen Indosat to open its own app store, named i-Aplikazone. The same strategy that has made another operator. What is different from the i-Aplikazone with other app stores?

Indosat claims this is the Android application store the largest ever provided by local telecom operators in Indonesia. It is available in more than 10 thousand applications specific to all customers served Indosat (Mentari, IM3, and Matrix.). Various applications and games can be downloaded here for free, but some are paid by way of In App Purchase. To pay, how to purchase enough to directly cut into pulses Indosat, or, if entered into postpaid bill. Another advantage of this app store is also a thousand applications available in Indonesian, making it easier for customers to choose and use these applications.

But how to get into the app store i-Aplikazone rather complicated. First must press * 123 * 424 # and press OK / YES, Indosat customers will receive an SMS containing a link. After that, the customer must click the link and download it in the Android smartphone each customer.

i-Aplikazone is a collaboration between Indosat and PCCW-providers of telecommunications services originating from Hong Kong. "The presence of i-Aplikazone in line with the vision of Indosat to always provide our customers a wide range of content in line with today's lifestyle and support a good digital ecosystem. i-Aplikazone comes with a variety of exclusive applications made specifically for Indosat customers that are not available in stores other applications" said Indosat President Director & CEO, Alexander Rusli.

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