Indonesia Will Be Greater Than Silicon Valley

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Uzzaman Anis, CEO Fenox VC, the launch of his book titled "Startup Pedia - Step by step Build Startup such as Silicon Valley" in Jakarta
Jakarta, Internet penetration continues to increase along with the increase in smart phone users, making Indonesia has great potential for growth and development with rapid startup. Plus the number of users of social media and short message service does not lose much, Indonesia could be larger than Silicon Valley.

It is presented Anis Uzzaman, General Partner & CEO Fenox VC, in the launch of his book entitled "Startup Pedia - Free Build Startup such as Silicon Valley" in Jakarta (04/05/2015).

As is known, Silicon Valley is a nickname that refers to the United States in the region that gave birth to a lot of the technology industry. Anis said that during his experience in the venture capital industry (capital invested in the risky business), he saw a very promising potential in Indonesia because it is rich creative and innovative ideas. "There is a passion, talent, and a great willingness," he said.

But three big capital alone is not enough, according to Anis, without the necessary two other crucial issues, namely strategies and information.

Since its establishment in 2011, Fenox VC has invested in more than 50 startups in the United States, Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia. But Anis said that she never saw the spirit and energy is very high as businessmen in Indonesia.

"I feel Indonesia would be larger than Silicon Valley in a short time, thanks to high-class businessmen," he said.

Anis believes Indonesia will be the front line in the development of the technology industry startup. For that he wants to help to guide the aspiring entrepreneur Indonesia. In the book StartupPedia, Anis share six basic elements are essential in building a startup. Namely to build teams, create products, protect with patents, marketing the product, think about financing strategies, and define an exit strategy.

Over the past two years, Fenox have analyzed more than 400 startups in Southeast Asia. He said the biggest problem often encountered startup failure is not with the lack of capital or bad idea, but the execution is a mess due to lack of information and strategies.

Results from the analysis and experience outlined in book form. Anis composition book was first published in Japan in 2013 with the title Startup Bible - Silicon Valley Way of Developing Success and managed to become a best seller.

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