Nokia Plans Sell Here Maps

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Nokia Here Maps
After a year after Microsoft acquired its mobile division, Nokia is now rumored to be selling business navigation maps, namely Here Maps. According to Bloomberg, (10/04), Nokia wants to sell the business maps in order to focus the business to the wireless network.

From Bloomberg known to some potential buyers who are interested to acquire Nokia's Here Maps. Among them there Uber and one of the German car manufacturer, who is not known for sure (could  be a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or even the Volkswagen Group).

For the current business Nokia maps is estimated at USD $ 2.1 billion, far less than the figure of USD $ 8.1 billion when Nokia bought from the company from Chicago, Navteq when Nokia will start this business.

For your information, Here Maps known pre-installed in the Microsoft Windows Phone Lumia. And, for its Android version Here Maps already released last year, which currently has 2.5 million registered users to download it. In fact, today was Here Maps are already available for iOS devices.

Still according to a report from Bloomberg, if Nokia did not get the price of a "fit" for Here Maps, then reportedly not going to sell it.

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