Microsoft patented Emotion Detection Technology Via Smart Glasses

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The bad news for Google Glass, as Microsoft seems to be taking fresh ideas relating to the development of smart glasses technology. The latest news says that Microsoft has won a patent in the US for the development of smart glasses technology that is connected to the Internet, which has the ability to detect and interpret the emotions of those seen by the users spectacles.

Reporting from The Wall Street Journal blog, (29/04), which has a patent classification title "emotion detection feedback system in clothing device" filed in October 2012 by Microsoft. And finally granted to Microsoft at the beginning of this week.

Based on information from sources in the US patent office, Microsoft does not explain whether they are serious about this application and whether it will be commercialized in the near future. "So far we do not know whether this patent will be realized by Microsoft through a new product or just filing a patent only. Microsoft is quite often received a patent as part of business and business development. And not all patents filed or received by Microsoft will be incorporated into products Microsoft, "said the speaker.

The patent filing does not specify the usefulness, but some things are fairly obvious may include activities of 'a kind of interrogation' and a job interview or on immigration, in which the sensor device will be able to measure changes in a person's body temperature, or it can take a very subtle shift in sound quality.

While technology called "emotional analysis" is a growing field, with processing capabilities utilizing data obtained from sensors, including cameras and microphones mounted on the side bagisn glasses. From the camera, then take visual and audio information on the subject. Then processed to then be adjusted to things like the subtle variations in the rhythm of speech and amplitude, word choice, the type and speed of movement, the focus of the eyes and body posture. All are emitted into Microsoft's database, and information about the limitations of the emotional side of the opponent bisara is then relayed back to the wearer through the lens.

If Microsoft really wants to work on the technology in the patent to be applied to the smart eyewear products are sold commercially, this would be a threat to Google Glass. Given the present patent pocketed by Microsoft, could be a high selling power for smart glasses later.

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