ViewSonic Launches New Line of Projectors LightStream

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ViewSonic, a leading provider of visual solution products, has recently introduced the Board of projectors LightStream in the Philippines.

ViewSonic LightStream
This new range is designed with elegant style and audio-visual performance. The design includes a tactile keypad, instructional icons, and invisible to the foot pads, also represents an intuitive interface and easy to use.

With SuperColor technology provides stunning images, users can experience a wider range of colors to the projected picture is really alive. The projectors LightStream SonicExpert supported by technology; reduction that is embedded in the surface of the speaker can surpass competing products in voice clarity and volume performance, and comfort.

All projectors LightStream including unique color wheel design ViewSonic SuperColor, which provide a higher level of brightness and vivid color range that is wider for a stunning viewing experience in a variety of light conditions.

Powered by technology SonicExpert, projectors latest LightStream give full voice 20Hz - 20KHz for presentations or for home entertainment facilities. Compact speakers give pride higher in sound quality with a best-fit Sound Response Curve, and high efficiency in the transfer of power to the power of sound. These products terdengan more powerful, offering better concentration, making the sound can travel further afield. 2-watt speakers (10/16-watt) is very tough to be used in meeting rooms with the echoes from wall to wall - an increase of better than speakers that compete with other products in the same class.

LightStream lineup features the Cable Management Hood, an intuitive interface for connecting the back of the projector and eliminates the cable strands are not eye-catching. The design is sleek and provides additional storage space for the remote control in order to avoid misplacement.

All the latest LightStream projectors feature a design that ensures long-distance operation simple and reliable. Features included remote control has a unique key "My Button" which configures the settings for the user or installer option with a simple click. Remote control is easy to use also receive a variety of code so that the installer can flexibly operate up to eight projectors in the same room with a remote control the same.

Latest tactile keypad design that is easy to use allowing users to easily operate the projector without menus dizzying display on the screen. A new on-screen option Presentation-timer to make sure all of your presentation can be timely. Smart form factor design includes an easy-access lamp door and a choice of cable management hood to reduce clutter on the cable. A lamp with a lifespan of 10,000 hours reduce operating costs in a heavy usage environment to move from one classroom to the large meeting room.

"The projectors LightStream show ViewSonic continued leadership in the visual display industry with innovative digital projectors and feature-rich ranging from beginner level at an affordable price to the advanced projector solutions," said Max Hsu, PM Director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific.

"Starting from small meeting rooms to large or a classroom, projectors LightStream PJD5 provide quality images in the brightness and color," said Max Hsu.

The projectors LightStream PJD5 Value Series is a range of projectors LightStream were first introduced. The projectors latest series LightStream PJD5 Value, including PJD5153 (SVGA) / PJD5253 (XGA) and PJD5155 (SVGA) / PJD5255 (XGA), a brightness of 3,200 lumens and has the same features smart technology shared by all digital projectors LightStream - making it ideal for the price as well as educational and business environments. Value series features a sleek design and advanced technology to deliver SuperColor stunning color and brightness level is better than the previously existing on the projector in its class.

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