Users Lumia 520 Confirmed Can Enjoy Windows 10 Preview

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Win10 for 512MB RAM
Microsoft through Gabriel Aul yesterday was to make sure that Windows 10 Preview will be used in the Lumia with 512MB RAM. However, to further ensure and confirm it again, Joe Belfiore stated that they are now working on Windows 10 Preview for the Lumia 520 and Lumia series with another 512MB of RAM.

Lumia 520 clearly stated because this series is the best-selling and most popular Lumia today. So Microsoft certainly does not want to disappoint its users.

However there is no guarantee that all the features in Windows 10 Preview will be enjoyed in Lumia Lumia 520 with 512MB RAM or more. This is reflected in the final words of Belfiore which states that "but features may vary", which means Windows 10 Preview feature that might be different.

Windows 10 Preview for smartphones is certainly going to attend this month, although there is no guarantee that all the Lumia series can be installed simultaneously. There is also news that the Office in this version will include Work Assistant, a kind of special Cortana to manage documents.

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