Tips faster Smartphone Battery Charge

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The most boring activity is waiting. Either waiting for a mate or even wait for charging mobile phones are mostly takes more than two to three hours. If you often feel annoyed with this situation, will give tips on how to charge the battery faster than normal.

Tips_faster_Smartphone_ Battery_Charge
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If you want faster to charge the battery, you should turn off features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, or any application that runs in the background. If all the above features are disabled then easily charged battery power quickly, because it is not drained by the features you are not using. Do not get used to force the system to work extra phone while the battery is charging, such as playing games, checking social networks, or make a phone. There have been many tragic events, such as mobile phone battery exploded and burned, while the user is busy when the phone battery in a charged condition.

But avoid charging via a laptop or computer, because it will slow charging, use the original charger, and make sure the correct plugs and well connected. In addition to fast, the battery will last longer.

How to speed up the effective duration of the battery charge is setting Airplane Mode. When you activate this mode, make sure you are not in a state of waiting for calls, messages and other notifications.

For more powerful this, might as well turn off your cell phone. In this state, the battery only focus on charging. While the system is off does not work.

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