Review: iPhone 6, Bigger, Powerful and Expensive

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iPhone 6
Long awaited users in Indonesia, finally Apple Phone 6 has officially sold in Indonesia. Yup this time really official, because it has been marketed by some well-known distributor in Indonesia, including the operator. Duo iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been launched in the United States since Septembar years ago, but only now visited the country. Compared to most of the outstanding premium smartphone, the iPhone 6 is the price of the most expensive. The latest generation of Apple's device is already out of the original for this, which has a larger screen than previous versions.

  • Luxury design
  • Powerful new chipset Apple A8
  • Wider and sharper screen
  • The results of a special camera

  • The body is thinner so it looks more vulnerable and frail
  • Although complete, less qualified connectivity
  • The price is quite expensive for the features offered

Design :

Off track from the previous generation design, the iPhone 6 is made with rounded sides. And a larger screen with 4.7 inches makes it a little higher and wider than the iPhone 5s. However, Apple forming iPhone 6 with a thinner body with curved edges, compared to the previous thicker again angled. Having an ergonomic shape, the iPhone 6 is even more similar to the current Android smartphone.

At the front of the Apple does not change its layout, still dominated premises screen coated with a scratch-resistant glass and the Home button under which once served as a fingerprint scanner.


Using Retina display panel technology makes the quality of the iPhone 6 is very comfortable in the eyes though viewed from any angle, because it has a wide view angle. Coupled with greater resolution than previous versions of 750 x 1334 pixels, make all the display screen becomes more alive.

In the sales package may be new users will get iOS 8.0, but with the availability of the latest version of iOS iOS iOS v8.1.3, then the user is now able to upgrade to the latest version. In the iOS version 8.0, Apple adds functionality to accommodate new features in it. One of the advantages of the iPhone 6 is NFS and Apple Pay.

In this new version, iOS 8.0 interface does not change much even nampir the same as the previous version. Apple changed little in appearance. All applications are still available on the homescreen, all folders can still save some applications, and still use the four shortcuts that are available on the dock.

Unlock the display still is not changed, there is still a camera shortcut and the presence of music playback controls if the application is active.


On the iPhone 6, Apple added some features to the multimedia one use Apple Pay, we can make the most of a good deal for two lanes and music applications.

And like the previous version of the content Purchases can also be done via the App Store and iTunes Store. With the fingerprint method then the user can make the payment confirmation through this function.

Camera :

The main camera equipped with a resolution of 8 megapixels, Apple iSight lens aperture of F / 2.2 and True tones LED flash. Equipped with auto focus capability. Although not have great resolution as a premium Android phones now, but with its camera, the iPhone 6 have the ability qualified. This is evidenced by the images are sharp and very focused on any condition. Objects can be captured with vivid colors translate well. The resolution does not guarantee good image results. The most important thing is the quality of the lens and the sensor is owned by the iPhone.

For video recording capability, a camera iPhone 6 is capable of producing a video with a resolution of 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps or 120fps and 240fps @. This capability is fairly good, but there are unfortunate with camera capabilities. Apple has added the ability to 4K resolution in the video recorder which is currently being nge-trend embedded on an Android phone.

For secondary camera which is at the front, Apple prepare 1.2MP lens with an aperture of F / 2.2 and BSI sensor. These lenses can be used for video chatting via facetime and selfie.

Connectivity :

As mentioned before, Apple has added NFC connection in this latest generation. This particular connection is provided to accommodate the use of Apple's Pay. Unfortunately, the use of Apple's new Pay is available in the United States (US).

In addition, Apple is still buried some connections that have been included in the previous version. Unfortunately though it was equipped with Bluetooth, iPhone 6 still does not have the ability to transfer data via Bluetooth, as well as the first to the last generation iPhone.

For that in transferring photos, the iPhone still rely Water Drop feature. With this connection, the iPhone users can only transfer data on ecosystem platform like iOS and Mac.

Despite the uneven LTE in Indonesia, the iPhone 6 is ready to be driven by today's fastest broadband connections in the path of LTE. However if there is still no scope, you can still use the HSDPA and 3G to be used to access the internet.

Hardware :

Not only with the latest version of iOS, Apple also bury the new chipset in the iPhone 6, which Apple A8 chipset. Using Dual-core processor 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) with 1 GB RAM support.

With hardware that has made the iPhone 6 can be used to smoothly without any problem. Not only for performance, power consumption is also somewhat more efficient than previous versions.

Supported by the hardware is fairly ready to support heavy games. From testing to run heavy games, iPhone 6 could menjalannya well, especially at the same time, a chat application is also active at the same time.

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