Google Ready to Release YouTube for Children on February 23

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A report published on Thursday (19/2) revealed that Google will launch the YouTube app version of the children were named YouTube Kids. This application will be available in the Play Store began February 23.

For starters, Youtube Kids at least be exclusively on Android devices. This application was developed in response to the request of the parents, and Google also responded positively.

According Shimrit Ben-Yair, project manager Kids YouTube, Google has seen a growth of 200% year-on-year family entertainment to watch on YouTube. It was a four-fold growth in overall viewers on Youtube.

A leaked photo shows five icons of applications including YouTube with pictures show children's shows like Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Thomas the Tank Engine and Yo Gabba Gabba. There is also a radio icon that when pressed will give children the opportunity to see the music videos of songs that they like.


If children try to find a video on the topic of a more mature, it will display a message that reads the message "Try something else." And parents can set a timer to limit the use of YouTube Kids. Once the timer goes off, the application will be dead and can not be restarted without entering a password that is possible only mom and dad will know.


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