Google Buy Odyssee, Applications For Sharing Photos

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Google Buy Odyssee
Google has announced that it has acquired Odyssee, an application that has been active for iOS-based devices and Android OS, which facilitates the automatic storage of photos and videos taken on a camera phone or tablet is used the user. Odyssee also allows users to set up personal photos, share photos automatically with others, and an API to integrate with other applications.

Reporting from India Times, (09/02/2015), Google announced the acquisition of Odyssee applications through the latest update on the official site Odyssee, as well as through a notification is sent to the application user. In it, a startup developer Odyssee thanked Google and also record the details of the shut-down of this application on their devices.

This application is planned to be closed on February 23, 2015 and Odyssee team will join the team on Google+. So far, Google has not given any information service that will be worked by Google after buying Odyssee applications.

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