Microsoft is planning the release of Windows 10 RTM in June

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Windows 10
It did not have to wait a long time for us to be able to enjoy the final version of Windows 10. Windows 10 looks like it will be released faster than our previous estimate.

According to one internal source of Microsoft, Windows 10 was targeted RTM (Release to Manufacturing) in June. This means that in June Microsoft will already send Windows to its manufacturing partners to be produced into the OS built-in a variety of devices they produce.

Typically, the final version was also released shortly after RTM is only about 1 month only.

On the release of Windows 8, Microsoft released Windows 8 RTM in August and retail in September. This makes Microsoft lose the moment "back to school" and just get a moment alone holiday. The result of sales also be less than the maximum.

With the release in June, then they could get a moment of "back to school" in the month of June-July, at the same time get a moment vacation in November-December. Hopefully device Windows 10 would be more salable than the first Windows 8 devices.

Nevertheless RTM release of Windows 10 in June is still a target could be missed for any reason. However, if these targets can be met, then we can enjoy Windows 10 Final sometime in July.

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