10 Cool Android Apps & Games by Microsoft

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Microsoft is currently still holds the title of king of the software for the PC. For mobile OS, Microsoft is not able to do much. But make no mistake, the company founded by Bill Gates it was also developing Android-based applications.

At least there are dozens of Android apps and games made by Microsoft. But we are here to expose 10 Android apps and coolest games made by the company logo that window. Here it is!

1. Microsoft Office Mobile

Who says that the smartphone is only good for fun and games? Using Microsoft Office Mobile Suite, you can stay productive even while traveling. This application may not be agile as the desktop version, but it is quite important for outdoor activities in the office. This software allows you to open and edit documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. Naturally, the application interface has been designed for use on a relatively small smartphone screens.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

We did not always near a PC all the time, and that is why applications such as Microsoft Remote Desktop is made. With the help of this application, you can access your computer from mobile device Android, as long as both are connected via the Internet.

3. Microsoft Xim

Xim is a photo sharing application that displays a list of images to multiple devices. In other words, it allows you to share your own images from the screen, and invite people to look at their smartphone or tablet, either in the browser or application Xim own. Panning and zooming is done in sync between devices to make it more fun.

4. MSN Health & Fitness

In applications that can monitor you healthier. Has a database containing more than 1000 video training, nutrition and health references, and checking that really neat to look for a variety of health conditions. In addition, this application also serves as a diet program.

5. MSN Food & Drink - Recipes

Those who like to cook, you should install this application. This application offers a rich collection of recipes of food and drinks, and for those who are not so confident in cooking skills, there is a list of cooking tips along with a guide.

6. MSN Weather

Weather conditions often change into a more anticipatory if you have a weather application. MSN Weather, applications offered by Microsoft is providing an update hourly, daily, and forecasts for the next 10-days.

7. Wordament

Love puns? Then you will surely like Wordament. Think of it as a tournament where you said the findings would be against the thousands of people on the same board.

8. Snap Attack

Another word game created by Microsoft. You may try Snap Attack. Unlike Scrabble and the like, the game forces you to think to build words.

9. Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin

This one is a bit strange, but still worth a try. Long story short, you are in control of a small black creature - the results of scientific experiments and your goal is to level up without injury, while avoiding enemies and collecting points.

10. Next Lock Screen

This is an application for locking the screen. If you run out with the standard version, it could not hurt to try Microsoft's artificial. This application can access directly to the menu, toggle control, notifications and calendar even though the screen is locked.

All 10 of these applications you can get on the Play Store directly from your Android smartphone. Good luck.

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