This is the Big Five Fastest Internet Service Provider in Indonesia

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Some time ago, the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said Indonesian Internet faster and faster, it is not separated from the infrastructure development of broadband services, such as fixed line broadband, which developed several companies in Indonesia, one of which is the MNC Play Media.

This-is-the-Big-Five-Fastest- Internet-Service-Provider-in-Indonesia

Based on data collected by NetIndex issued by Ookla (a renowned independent agency that specializes in the provision of internet speed measuring device in the world) the average speed of the Internet in Indonesia as of January 19, 2014 was 5.3 Mbps for download and 3, 2 Mbps for upload.

From the results of the speed test is also known that the MNC Play Media is the fastest internet service provider in Indonesia with an average speed of 50.77 Mbps or more than twice the speed of a second with a speed of 21.89 Mbps.

"Our speed is certainly superior because we use technology Fiber To The Home (FTTH), which is the latest technology broadband infrastructure that exist in the world today, this infrastructure was also adopted by the Google Fiber in America and a leading player in many other developed countries, "Ade said Tjendra, Commercial Director Play Media.

Here's a list of the top five fastest Internet Services Provider in Indonesia

1. MNC Play Media, 50.77 Mbps speed

2. Linknet, speed of 21.89 Mbps

3., speed of 20.17 Mbps

4. PT Mora Telematics Indonesia, 17.94 Mbps speed

5. Biznet Networks, speed of 17.47 Mbps

Although classified as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) new, MNC Play Media is the first in Indonesia to offer internet products with speeds up to 200 Mbps and have ready a 10 Gbps network capacity. Adoption Network MNC Play Media uses 100% fiber optic latest in broadband technology, in contrast to other players in the industry are still relying on technology Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) which is the technology of the 1990s and still uses copper wires (copper wire) that the technology of the 1980s.

Another advantage is given MNC Play Media to users is the speed of symmetric 1: 1 in downloading and uploading. Currently many community activities that urgently need to upload speed, such as photo sharing on social media, save the video on youtube to store data in the cloud storage. This is similar to what was said by the Head of Youtube Asia Pacific, David Powell that youtube service users in Indonesia increasingly large, local content in Youtube from Indonesia grew in number and very surprising because the videos are from young people who are also very good and interactive.

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