10 Simple Tips To Update Status More Attractive

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If you want to be successful selling or specific information campaign on social networking sites, you should invite your followers feel 'involved' first with the content you provide. The key is how to get involved as much as possible, whether it be Like, comment or share.

Shortstack make infographic about 10 short and simple tips that can be done to update the status looks more attractive. The following tips, as quoted from Social Media Today.

1. Fishing with interesting facts

If you want to share a blog post or article, create a status update with interesting facts or statements. It will arouse the curiosity of others and encourage them to click the link.

2. Share tips

If you want to share tips through status updates, start the post by adding the word tips at the beginning of the message. It will make you feel a status update useful to others. The same technique can also be used when you want to share statistical data.

3. Add comment

Feel free to add comments or support when you to share or retweet (RT) other people's content. Adding words like 'oh cool', can change other people's reactions to a post.

4. Do not always expect feedback

Perfectly natural if you want others to respond to status updates you've made. However, do not keep on hoping someone else will give you feedback on any status updates that you post. Unlike the case if you are an artist because it has a strong fan base.

5. Action Inspiration

Say you want to post a picture that is interesting because it inspires a lot of people. In order to update the status looks interesting, try to ask your followers to help spread the photo via Pinterest, Path or other services.

6. Convey the contents of the message content

These tips apply if you want a good posting a video or a link to an article blog. To convey to the user / follower how long the duration of the video, topic, or about what you share the link.

7. Add 'NB'

In email marketing, adding the word Unsurprisingly or commonly abbreviated NB at the end of the email is one of the effective ways to attract the attention of the reader. Try using on some of your status updates and compare the response with status post without NB.

8. Use the short URL

Rather than copy paste a long URL into a status update, you should use a URL shortening tools (short link) as bitly that your posts are not filled with links course. The shorter a link will be even better because it is more efficient character.

9. Integrate Image with Text

To be more interesting status updates, try to combine images and text so that the message is 'sound'. You can use photo editing tools if you want to add text to images that you post.

10. Ask someone else commented

Do not just post the status of only one direction only. In order for other people to feel involved, occasionally ask their opinion of your information sharing.

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