Analyst: iPhone Estimated 189 Million Units Sold in 2015

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A stock market analyst Keith Bachman of BMO Capital estimates that Apple will sell 189 million iPhone units in fiscal year 2015 He also said that the short-term prediction is more difficult to quantify at this time, due to lack of visibility to figure out whether China would allow the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus sold there.

Currently, two new iPhone models that have not received all approvals they need from regulators in China. Last year, China (for the first time) is one of the countries included in the initial launch of the iPhone. 

Bachman predicts iPhone sales year-end holiday season reached 58 million, although the actual figure could be higher if sales in China to open soon. She mem [rediksi sail 4.7 inch iPhone 4 reached 70% to 75% of all iPhone units sold in fiscal year 2015, while the iPhone 6 Plus only around 25% to 30% of sales of the iPhone next year.

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