Windows Phone follows the BlackBerry in the U.S. Market

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Same with the map in other developed countries, iOS and Android in two mobile operating systems market share of the United States. The rest, other platforms are still struggling to enjoy a piece of cake participate mobile subscribers out there. For example, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, both competing to occupy third place. Of course each company would prefer to be ranked 1 or 2, but the third to be fairly prestigious position up for grabs this time.

According to the latest figures from market research agency Nielsen, Windows Phone seems to have succeeded in ejecting the BlackBerry from the third position. Nielsen reveals that Windows Phone now controls 3 % of the U.S. smartphone market, compared to only 2 % of BlackBerry.

The growth of Windows Phone is said to be triggered by the Nielsen market share that Nokia itself successfully grown significantly. That explanation is no longer surprising considering Nokia is the biggest supporter of the Windows Phone platform.



The graph above snippet OS also shows how iOS and Android clearly dominates smartphones. The gap between iOS (42%) and Android (52%) did not seem so great because the difference is only 10%. And maybe Apple can close the gap when launching the next-generation iPhone is rumored to be performing with a larger screen, the most widely expressed demands of users of Apple devices.

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