Microsoft may consider Android Application Running in Windows Phone Smartphone

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Dominance in the smartphone OS Android smartphone today has not been broken even by its competitors. Android continued achievement of success around the world. Inevitably, pembesut other mobile operating system must continue to rack my brain to offset the level of the competition. As of this moment, Microsoft is merembukkan efforts to bring Android into his platform, Windows Phone. The main drawback of Windows Phone OS looks in terms of application availability. When compared to iOS and Android, the mobile platform is still lagging far behind.

If realized later, the Windows Phone going to be able to run many Android applications are mostly free. Some of the popular applications in the Android and iOS are not necessarily available also on Windows Phone, or often times even the arrival of late. Call it Path, Flipboard, Instagram up.

The basic objective, not only to increase the number of applications in the market place, but also all stem migration to Android users. Thanks to the Android apps in Windows Phone, expected to be able to increase market share and Microsoft's mobile platform delivery devices.

Microsoft is not the pioneer of this innovation, because previous BlackBerry already been applying it to the latest version of the BlackBerry 10 platform. Unfortunately, the project was less successful to attract customers because it is limited.

Currently available in the Windows Store are already 190 thousand applications and games, from paid to free . Microsoft claims often do the sorting was selected for a variety of applications can be brought to your Windows Phone. Complaint number of Windows Phone users will not as much as the number of applications in the Google Play Store a reference Microsoft to add the number of applications and games in WP8. The reason, the company emphasizes the quality and popularity in presenting a wide range of applications and games in the Windows Phone Store. Not only foreign-made applications, Microsoft also took some local developper create quality applications.

This information is still a rumor, we wait for further developments to fruition formal agreement of both parties.

source: The Verge

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