79% of Android Domination World Smartphone Shipment

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Popularity of Android as the operating system is open source increasingly global. Proven to date Android-based smartphone has managed to dominate the smart phone market share worldwide. Recent data reported by research firm Strategy Analytics, shows the dominance of Android can not be dammed again. When compared to other operating systems , Android is growing most rapidly and accounting for the higher.

As quoted by page Strategy Analytics blog ( 1/29/2014 ), are known from the total shipments of smart phones worldwide has reached 990 million, 79 percent of which goes on top of the Android operating system. The delivery volume jumped by 41 percent compared to 2012. Meanwhile, total smartphone shipments in the last quarter of 2013 and accounting for 290.2 million units, up from 217 million units in the previous year.

Company analysts suspect that Android growth will slow in 2014, as the impact of the smartphone market saturation and the birth of new platforms such as Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS and Tizen.

On the other hand, Apple recorded still be imitators with increasing distance away with his iOS operating system. Until late last year, iOS -based smart phone shipments increased to reach 153.4 million worldwide or controls 15 percent market share. However, the incision rate is still much lower than the growth of the smartphone market in general, so that the iPhone maker is really losing ground despite an increase in sales.

While good fortune has not overshadow the operating system from Microsoft . Windows Phone 's market share is still relatively small , ie 4 % with shipments of 35.7 million units during 2013. But research firm mempredisiksi there are still opportunities that can be achieved during the year 2014 , Microsoft origin immediately rectify the shortcomings of the platform.

Tragically, within a table issued by the Strategy Analytics does not enter the calculation of the BlackBerry OS. This happens because the possibilities are in the market behavior of BlackBerry 10. Indeed, some BlackBerry devices can not fairly compete with the smartphone in its class, especially considering Android is so aggressive movement.

Source: http://blogs.strategyanalytics.com/

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