This year, Sony will be releasing a Windows Phone 8 smartphone

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Sony Windows Phone 8
Known via smartphone Xperia series, Sony became one of the global mobile phone manufacturers who have a prestigious portfolio of Android-based devices pretty much. Although no doubt the prestige of the devices, it seems that Sony plans to release a phone with an operating system other than Android to look for other potential markets. Reportedly, Sony will produce armed with a smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8.

According to a report from The Information ( 31/12/2013 ), the Japanese company's middle market strategy design in 2014 which suggests this will launch the Windows Phone-based devices in mid-2014. The smartphone will form part of the Vaio product line. Regarding the details of the specification and design of devices based on Windows Phone debut until now could not be predicted.

Sony itself has a prototype Windows Phone 7 in the past. But ultimately, the company has not officially launched phones with the Windows OS.

In addition to Sony, some vendors from central Asia are also reportedly also produce devices based on Windows Phone to be launched this year include ZTE and XOLO. While the developer's own Windows Phone OS, Microsoft, currently is being peddled besutannya operating system in the smartphone vendors in the developing world.

After acquiring Nokia, Microsoft is still looking for new hardware partners to help expand the Windows Phone ecosystem. Microsoft to lure to cut prices on Windows Phone OS licensing company has to offer. reportedly, the tech giant based in Redmond was even willing to eliminate the cost of licensing the Windows Phone operating system that could be a platform on which the device will be released in the future.

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