Android OS control 40 Percent Traffic Mobile Internet World

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The world is currently plague Android . No wonder that today's Android devices can be found everywhere. And according to data released by StatCounter , Android today dominate the world of mobile Internet traffic.

From these data, currently controls 43 percent of Android users of mobile Internet traffic. That number was increased when compared to the year 2012, in which Android devices consume as much data as 33.19 percent.

A similar increase was also experienced by Windows Phone. In 2012, Windows phone data consumption stands at 0.91 percent. And according to the latest data from StatCounter, the mobile Internet traffic from Windows Phone devices currently stands at 2:08 percent.

The increase in the data traffic of the Windows Phone devices ensued because of the high number of sales of smartphones Lumia 520/521. The smartphone is indeed a most popular Windows Phone smartphones in the world.

Unlike the Android and Windows Phone, access to data from the iPhone actually decreased. Among iPhone users, there is a decrease in the data traffic of 23:36 percent in 2012 to 21.82 percent rate. While the access to the data of BlackBerry users increased slightly, from 3:53 % to 3.63 %.

via: Phonearena

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