Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Ready to Roll in the Moon in February 2014?

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Samsung Galaxy S5
One site ETNews Korea reported that the latest generation of Samsung's flagship Galaxy, the Galaxy S5. From the report it is known that the Galaxy S5 will be mass produced in January 2014, and ready to market release in February or March.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is known to use a 64 - bit CPU, which is the first implementation of the chipset Samsung Heterogeneous Multi - Processing ( HMP ) big.LITTLE Exynos is capable of running on eight cores simultaneously. As in variant S4, S5 may also be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset variants.

One of the most striking differences is the use of the screen that will use a 5-inch flexible OLED screen like the Galaxy Round , and a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh. Galaxy S5 is also scheduled to run on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Unfortunately until now Samsung itself has not confirmed about the truth of this report. especially in February, the Galaxy S4 is not even 10 months. Will this really happen ? We wait and see.

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