This sighting Asus Padfone Mini, the latest Android devices from Asus

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Asus Padfone Mini
What did the Asus Padfone his series is quite innovative. How not to just buy a product, the consumer will actually get two devices at once, namely smartphones and tablets. Simply enter the smartphone into the space provided on the Padfone, the user can convert it into a tablet.

Until now, at least Asus Padfone has issued a ( first ), Padfone 2, and the latest Padfone Infinity. If there are awaited of this hybrid device the next, maybe it can be Padfone Mini.

Thanks to a leaked image uploaded owner of the Twitter account @evleaks, now finally figure allegedly known as Mini Padfone.

Suffix the word 'mini' indeed popular use of many vendors to show a smaller version of their flagship devices . It also seems well done Asus Padfone his Mini.

Given that Infinity Padfone has a 5-inch screen smartphone that can be converted into a 10 -inch tablet. Well, mini Padfone was expected to manifest as a smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen and a 7-inch tablet.

Unfortunately, to date has not revealed any further other related specifications that will be brought Padfone Mini. With its smaller size, the Mini Padfone is expected at least to be much cheaper than the Padfone Infinity. So, we 'll see progress.

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