Next Year, Samsung Will Develop Solar-powered Smartphone

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Years immediately changed. Soon, we will be entering the beginning of 2014, and that means the vendors are designing new strategies to clean up as well to tread in the handset industry during the year ahead. Samsung, one of the manufacturers of handheld devices globally influential, did not want to miss to prepare to square off again in order to beat the competition.

The latest report from media ZDNet Korea ( 12/18/2013 ), indicating that the company would likely focus on solar power technology to be procured in future smartphones. While smartphone that has the capability of solar charging will be introduced in 2014.

The reason Samsung solar power project for next year is none other smartphones as Apple had reportedly incorporate the technology in smartphones. Rumors, this ability can be seen on the iPhone the future, although not known for how many generations. It is not strange when Samsung decided to do a similar project after cheating Apple's plans.

Looking back, the South Korean vendors apparently have some experience in solar charging technology. In the past 2009 years, the company has released a solar-powered mobile phone. Mobile Samsung Crest Solar or E1107 is sold at a relatively cheap price. With a solar battery charger that was on the back side, enabling users to recharge batteries anywhere and anytime, as long as the sun.

Finally, this environmentally friendly technology is ready to be implemented into the smartphone - the Samsung and Apple appear as a pioneer. The second breakthrough could be a great solution in overcoming the classic problem wasteful battery smartphones.

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