Samsung Galaxy WIn Pro Already Sold Without Official Announcement

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Galaxy Win Pro
Come without an official announcement, Samsung Galaxy Win Pro instead have appeared first in Samsung 's official web portal of China. This smart phone may be joined in a long list of companies midrange smartphone that has been circulating in the world market, no-frills announcement.

Win Galaxy Pro Specifications ( BC - G3812 ) still retain the midrange pedigree of its predecessor, the Galaxy Win. However, this device is a lower level because it supplied 4.5 -inch QHD screen. While the Galaxy Win terdauhulu already carry 4.7 -inch WVGA screen.

Win Samsung Galaxy Pro also supported Quad - core 1.2GHz processor, 5 MP rear camera, front camera, 2100mAh battery, and an optional dual - SIM support. This smartphone has been carrying the Android OS with TouchWiz UI 4.2 Jellybean. Meanwhile, is not yet known how much internal storage capacity or the size of RAM. Chances are the same as Win , each has 8GB and 1GB. Site Sammy Hub ( 04/12/2013 ) claiming that Galaxy Win Pro is the quad - core version of the Galaxy Express 2.

Galaxy Win Pro
Seeing inaugural sale through Samsung's Chinese site, it is difficult to predict whether the Galaxy Pro will slide Win globally. But considering this is a midrange handset, then most likely the Galaxy Pro Win will explore the neighboring areas in Asia as well as Europe and Latin America.

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