Samsung Assemble 20 Mpx Camera Module for the next Galaxy Note

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Samsung Camera Module
Samsung apparently plunged into the competition will follow a camera phone that offers high megapixel force from next year. According to a report from ET News ( 02/12/2013 ), Advanced Mobile Development division in the global handset vendor no. 1 it was working on a 20 MP camera module.

Samsung camera module is expected to come will debut in the second half of 2014. This means, could have implanted the first time on next -generation Galaxy Note phablet. Unfortunately, Samsung has not been willing to disclose the plan at all. Samsung, is quite difficult to implement features Optical Image Stabilization. So, likely, the company will look for other ways to make different products.

Prior to this, Samsung Electronics will reportedly adopt a 16 mega pixel camera module on 25 % of smartphones that will be released next year. The camera module will be installed in one of four Samsung smartphones - Galaxy S5 hunch.

Considering that Samsung Electronics will ship 360 million smartphones next year, the target, the manufacturer can ship 90 million units of smartphones in 2014, with such a large sensor.

"When Samsung Electronics post a 13-megapixel camera modules in smartphones roadmap of next generation product development after 8 megapixel then it has become the industry standard," boasted the company. "Once the product is 16 megapixels, now up to 20 mega pixel product will become a general trend."

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