Nokia Lumia 925, With Special Design and Display

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Nokia Lumia 925
Continuing the success of the predecessor Lumia 920, Nokia launch future generations through Lumia 925. Superior quality screen and camera, the Lumia 925 also use premium materials in order to build the best smartphone.

Desain 129 x 70.6 x 8.5 mm, 139 grams.

Use the metal material on the bone (Bazel) in the design of the Lumia 925 has a premium quality material, though still has elements polykarbonat plastic on the back. Comfort in use much less pronounced, perhaps this is due to the body is made ​​smaller, lighter and 2mm thinner than its predecessor, even though both use the same screen size.

Curved corners provide enough flexibility to the holder of each finger. Moreover, behind Nokia gives matte finish that gives a sense of the rough, so it is not easily slippery when held.

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