No Android device from Nokia?

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Nokia Android
The news about Nokia that will make Android devices is not likely to happen at least for the next 2 years, due to development projects undertaken Nokia Android devices are purchased separately from the division of Microsoft, according to a report from the Chinese site Ctechnology.

According to reports the development of Android devices by Nokia initially led by Peter Skillman, the former VP of MeeGo UX and Services Design, who currently serves as head of design for HERE.

In its development even Peter Skillman reportedly are working on several Android devices, including the 7 inch tablet is powered by a Snapdragon 400.

As if this Android device will appear, probably will not use the Nokia brand for at least two years, because it had been purchased by Microsoft.

It is quite unfortunate given the news was encouraging many parties. Even if the Finnish vendor actually play on Android, it can be predicted as it once again triumphed.

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