Moto X Bamboo Will Available End Of This Month

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Motorola Moto X Bamboo
After a couple of months ago popped teaser , finally Motorola announces the Moto X unique customization, the backplate variants of bamboo. Of bamboo phones Moto X shows new flavors, as most of today's handheld devices with material wrapped in plastic, metal, and glass. In addition, Motorola has been providing thousands of customization options through the Moto Moto X Maker.

Unfortunately, the price of Moto X bamboo version is more expensive than their regular mobile phones to U.S. $100. Moreover, there is apparently no other wood variants will be available, only the bamboo version that is sold on a limited basis. The waiting period was fairly long, the user must wait until at least 20 days, which means it must be patient until next year to get their phones.

For the sake of treating the customer disappointment, Motorola seems to have found a way to send the Moto X smartphone a bit faster than the previous target. In an email Motorola to some customers, they write:

"Previously, we estimate the Moto X Bamboo you to ship in January 2014. Yet our work using magic. Moto X Bamboo will now be delivered to you on or before December 27."

Think of these companies attempt to give a beautiful gift before the new year to prospective owners of Motorola Moto X.

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