BlackBerry Signs Cooperation within the next five years with Foxconn

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BlackBerry smartphones will continue to be sold in the market. The Canadian company has now also act on its commitment to produce smartphones with the signing of cooperation involving BlackBerry and Foxconn. Even cooperation between the two companies that will take place in the next five years.

BlackBerry interim CEO, John Chen said that the cooperation with Foxconn that allows the company to focus on providing the best to the BlackBerry smartphone lovers. Among these are the iconic design, world-class security software or development. All these things can still be done by the BlackBerry in focus.

Chen said that this cooperation can also help BlackBerry to remain competitive in the smartphone market. Given Foxconn, the BlackBerry can work more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, Foxconn is experienced and has worked with major companies such as Apple ® or Sony.

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