Asus and Toshiba Will Release Chromebook Based Intel Haswell

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Chrome-based notebooks will likely start popping up in the future. According to the latest information as reported by DigiTimes, the two top-tier notebook vendors, Toshiba and Asus are reportedly ready to introduce Chromebook Intel Haswell-based processors in 2014.

Prior to Toshiba and Asus , there are two other names , namely Acer and HP are reportedly ready to launch its new Chromebook also with Intel Haswell.

Acer is ready to be called a pioneer by launching Chromebook 11.6 inch C720P sail that will be priced around 299 USD in December this.

While Asus , as revealed by its CEO, Jerry Shen it launched its first wave of Chromebooks in 2014 that includes a model 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches. For the price, made ​​by Asus called Chromebooks will range between 199-329 USD.

Narrative based on anonymous sources cited by DigiTimes, Toshiba is expected to be released soon Chromebook.

For additional information, shipping Chromebook, including Pixel Chromebook launched by Google, it is still less than 5 % of the total global notebook shipments. Will the Chromebook market share will soar, along with the many vendors who are ready to release it in 2014 ? We'll see.

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