Apple's Acquisition of Topsy, A Company Social Media Content Search

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Apple Inc., reportedly acquired Topsy ( Topsy Labs Inc.) An enterprise real-time search startup web-based access to social networking analysis services like Twitter and Google+, based in San Francisco, USA.

Services Topsy one through the free service provides access metrics for each term the word on Twitter, where users can compare up to three terms to the content in the last hour, daily, weekly or monthly. Topsy Analytics Pro is the version intended for government agencies to facilitate disaster response issues, political issues measure, detect disease outbreaks and monitor the incidence of global anomalies.

Apple confirmed the acquisition but will not say why, the Topsy also did not respond and have not confirmed the takeover process. Of news sources people know about this, Apple Inc., touted the company must spend cash more than USD 200 million. "Apple buying small technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," said Apple spokeswoman, Kristin Huguet.

One of Apple's efforts in the social media segment revolves around the service Ping , a social network to share music integrated into its iTunes application, which allows users to send user preferred music tracks via the news feed, also make it easier to share photos, videos and news through the device and directly to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps this is one strategy to observe the development of the service Apple iTunes Radio, an online music streaming service and can take advantage of data services Topsy, analyze more deeply and can recommend applications to users.

"From the perspective of use , they can use it to the app store and iTunes," said analyst Gartner Carolina Milanesi.

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