Nokia Moneypenny, Lumia models with Dual SIM immediately released

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Today (28/11) slid rumors of chirp Twitter account @evleaks owner, who told me that one of the code name of upcoming Nokia devices, "Monneypenny" will be known as Lumia smartphone that has two slots to tuck Sim card from a wireless carrier .

If true then this series of Lumia family the first time enabled 'Dual Sim'. Evleaks also mentioned in his tweet that Moneypenny will support Windows Phone operating system Blue or often touted as Windows Phone 8.1.

The news is still vague, as reported by the NPU and many still waiting for the official announcement of the Nokia Lumia smartphone related to the presence of Moneypenny, certainty or specifications to be included on the price that would offer when it comes to the global market.

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