Canadian Government Rejects Lenovo Rumored to Buy Blackberry

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A report from Canada said on Tuesday that Chinese technology company Lenovo is very seriously considering an offer to the Blackberry , but the Canadian government rejected the idea for security reasons .

As quoted Phonearena , previous Canadian government had been in touch with the BlackBerry and told the producer that was wedged it that the government would not approve Chinese company to buy a company engaged in telecommunications network infrastructure in the country .

Because the Canadian government has taken a clear position , the BlackBerry has never submitted any proposal to Ottawa involving the purchase of the company by Lenovo . BlackBerry operate secure network that handles encrypted communications to government and business , and there are concerns that the Chinese government will be able to infiltrate the network using Lenovo as a cover .

From the story above , Lenovo really want to buy a BlackBerry and are ready to pay billions of dollars if necessary to make a purchase . BlackBerry but can not afford to wait for a review of security issues that may take weeks or even months and let the company was getting tossed around while the government has taken a position rejected Lenovo purchase .

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