Android Users Active in China Reaches 270 Million People

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China is known as the most densely populated countries in the world. The latest report notes there are 1.3 billion people who occupied the region at this time. Not surprisingly, the Bamboo Curtain country was also the country with the number of users of mobile phones ( cell phones ) in the world . Total mobile phone users in China has surpassed the 1 billion people.

According to Baidu , there are approximately 270 million daily active users of Android phones in China , with a daily usage time exceeded 150 minutes. Means, about one-fifth of the population there using Google's operating system . This growth is very impressive, considering a few years ago the population of Android in China amounted to only 50 million. But actually quite strange, that 31 % of daily active users still use the 2G network, while only 23 % are already 3G access.

Unfortunately , Baidu predict the likelihood the market will start to become saturated . Android is said to slow down the growth of 13% in Q3 2013. In fact , the first three quarters of 2012 brought 165 % increase in Android users in China . Meanwhile , the same period in 2013 only accounted for 50 % of the total number of consumers who use the platform of the Green Robot.

A total of 48 % of Android sales is a novice smartphone users. And, most of the new Android growth, 45% of whom come from rural areas and small towns. Android penetration into the Chinese market is also largely driven by a variety of local producers . Some of them like Meizu , Huawei , ZTE , and Oppo.

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