Nvidia CEO: Android OS Is The Most Advanced In History

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No doubt, the popularity of the Android OS has now surpassed its competitors such as Windows , BlackBerryOS, iOS and Symbian tragic death. A statement confirming the popularity of Android is the statement of the Jen - Hsun Huang ( founder , president and CEO of Nvidia ) which says that Android is the most versatile OS in history .

As reported by www.phonearena.com, officials from the chip manufacturers to admit that he is one of Android fans. During Nvidia conference on Thursday ( 7/11 ) Huang threw some positive statements about Google's open source OS, namely Android .

Huang said, "Android is the operating system the most versatile we've seen in decades . Besides easy to use , you can easily connect to the cloud system . Flexibility comes from the ability of Android to drive efficiency more than just the OS for smartphones."

Huang noted how Andoid can also be found on the tablet, gaming system, set - top boxes and all in one PC. Nvidia reported that for the third quarter, revenue for SoC Tegra 4 is more than double for smartphone devices. And Huang said that the success of Tegra 4 certainly depends on the success of Android as a favorite OS that is widely used in the market . Huang also see Android become a very important platform for gaming in the future era . Even with this in mind , Huang said that Nvidia has a very moderate expectations to develop Nvidia next year, which means that Android will play an important role in the performance of Nvidia in 2014.

Nvidia initiative to grow the game to the Android market . We believe that Android will become a very important platform for games in the future , and to make it happen , then Nvidia will make a device that allows you to play games with format
advanced on Android.

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